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Field Trip FAQ
What does Field Trip do?

Basecamp only sends notifications via email. If you're using Slack or Google Chat you probably don't focus as much on email as you used to. Field Trip shares your Basecamp activity in Slack so your team can stay informed and move to Basecamp when it's time to get to work.

Does Field Trip support Basecamp 1, 2, and 3?

This is a great question, because no, we don't. Here's a handy chart to help:

Basecamp Classic: Not now, probably not ever. The Basecamp Classic API is really hard to work with. So hard.

Basecamp 2: Yup! We didn't always support Basecamp 2, but we do now! So many people requested Basecamp 2 that adding it was a no brainer.

Basecamp 3: Yup! This is where we started. A great API. A simple interface. The Basecamp version our team currently loves and uses every single day.

Campfire and other tools: Nope, we're focused on Basecamp right now. If you think we're doing something great and want to see other apps supported feel free to use our contact page or email any suggestions to

Why do I need more Basecamp notifications?

Our team uses Slack and Basecamp everyday. The more we use Slack, the less we use email, so we noticed we were frequently missing Basecamp notifications when work was complete or when our team members asked us questions. It wasn't ideal and it was hurting our workflow. We really love Basecamp, so instead of trying to find a different solution, we decided to build Field Trip and start sharing our Basecamp activity in Slack!

We immediately noticed a big improvement in how we worked with Basecamp and how responsive our team was. A surprising benefit was how Field Trip let us scan a message in Slack when work was done in Basecamp and reply when we were ready. We didn't have the urgency to drop what we were doing because email notifications were coming in and we weren't sending @mention messages to each other to review Basecamp posts. Field Trip lets us work more efficiently and with more focus.

How does the 14 day free trial work?

When you sign up for Field Trip, you get 14 days to make sure you're getting what your team needs. You can upgrade anytime during the trial and you won't be charged until your 14 free days are up! If you have any questions let us know!

Does Field Trip offer a discount for education and non profit organizations?

We sure do! You can email us details about your organization and we can set you up with a 50% discount on our Team Plan!

I've got something that would make Field Trip work better, how can I suggest it to you?

We love suggestions, so feel free to use our contact page or email any suggestions to

Where can I report an issue?

It's never fun to run into an issue, so you can report it with the contact page or send an email to Add as many details as you can and we'll get back to you right away.

Do I still get email notifications?

You sure do! We didn't change anything about the way Basecamp works. We just added some Slack power on top. Basecamp is a tool and Field Trip is the cherry on top!

What Basecamp functions does Field Trip send to Slack and Google Chat?

We thought long and hard about this one, because there's a lot to do in Basecamp. We wanted to make sure that the work you and your team do is shared but we didn't want to overwhelm everyone with notifications. So we decided to share these Basecamp activities in Slack and Google Chat:

  1. New message board posts
  2. New comments on message board posts
  3. New to-dos
  4. New comments on to-dos
  5. Completing a to-do
  6. New automatic check-ins
  7. New comments on automatic check-ins
  8. New docs and file uploads
  9. New comments on a doc or file
  10. Email forwards
  11. Activity only visible to Clients

Basecamp does not display moved files in your Basecamp Latest Activity feed, so we don't send a notification. For copied files, we've chosen to not send a notification to reduce noise. If you think copied files should be sent to Slack, let us know!

Does Field Trip read and store my Slack messages and Basecamp posts?

Nope. We get enough of our own messages, we don't want yours too!

Why can't I enable Field Trip with client access to a Basecamp project?

Basecamp created client access to improve communication between project teams and their partners. The client account has no administration or ownership access to Basecamp projects so Field Trip has to respect this level of access.

If you've got client access and you want to enable Field Trip you'll need to work with the project team that owns the Basecamp account.

Who on my team can make changes in Field Trip?

Anyone with Basecamp credentials on your team can log into Field Trip and make changes.

Why does your privacy policy say Field Trip is a product of Union Code?

You, my friend, have a keen eye. Not everyone notices the subtle references back to Union Code. Union Code is our company and Field Trip is one of our products. We're focused on creating simple tools to help teams work more effectively.

Where in Canada are you from?

We're a small remote team working in Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. If you've got more questions than that, feel free to visit our contact page or email us: